In the PaaS World, Azure takes the lead

Did you know that in the world of public cloud, Azure (not Google) is (a distant) second, behind AWS? I didn’t and was quite surprised when I came across this information and related data.

Since the launch in 2010, Azure has shown >100% growth. It’s 2014 revenue exceeded $1 Billion. Also in 2014, Azure grew by 125%. Their annual run rate is close to $2.5 Billion. And while AWS is still struggling to make that IaaS to PaaS transition, Azure has been recognized as a leader in both segments!

Looking at the growth, AWS has 27% of the market share (down from 28% last year), Azure, meanwhile has surged to 10%, up from 6% last year. GCE/GAE is less than 5% and IBM is about 7%. 

Finally, Microsoft has put all its cloud eggs in the Azure bucket. They want to be successful and are desperately looking for developers and customers.  In other words, anybody writing new apps has a big opportunity with Azure.

Among public cloud players (IaaS and PaaS), Azure could be the cloud of choice for you.

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